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tv   NBC 10 News Today at 600a  NBC  April 2, 2015 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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we're off to a chilly start but a spring warm-up is on the way. good morning. this is nbc 10 news today. i'm tracy davidson. >> and i'm vai sikahema. it is thursday april 2nd, 2015. let's get right to first alert meteorologist bill henley with today's forecast. >> morning, vai. going to have to bundle up to start with but it's going to be a nice warm afternoon. a real spring beauty headed your way. the breeze will be picking up this afternoon. and it will be a southerly wind that will help boost our temperatures. right now the winds are coming out of the southeast in philadelphia. they're just at six miles an hour. look, it's completely calm for wilmington trenton, pottstown, mount holly. 20s for pottstown and allentown. it's 27 degrees, below freezing right now in trenton. and northeast philadelphia is at 34 along with wilmington which continues to fall this morning. nice clear view from here at the nbc 10 studios. we'll see sunshine and temperatures near 60 degrees at
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lunchtime today. we'll go through it hour by hour with the future weather when i'm back in ten minutes. right now christine maddela, first alert traffic center is reporting, well, actually on a thursday morning. how's it looking out there? >> well there are traffic lights that are not working right now along route 1. and they're at two intersections. one at large street the other at bustleton avenue. just be on the lookout, give yourself extra time to ease the confusion there among drivers. and taking a look at 422, this is right at the pennsylvania turnpike on that eastbound side that starts to stack up. we are seeing increased volume. so if we look at drive times, still getting green lights. this is going to change within the next half hour or so. 95 southbound from woodhaven road to the vine street expressway that stretch will take you about 14 minutes. if you are heading out on mass transit, everything on or close to schedule. we're following breaking news out of kenya where a hostage situation is playing out at a university. masked gunmen stormed garissa university and began shooting. officials say at least 15 people are dead. 65 hurt.
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police say the men are now holed up in a dorm and holding an unknown number of students hostage. the u.s. embassy in nairobi is calling this a terrorist attack. right now it's unclear which group is responsible. some reports say that it is the militant islamist group al shabaab behind the attack. this has not been confirmed, though. they have carried out similar attacks in kenya in the past. and happening now, the picket lines are up and running this morning at philadelphia international airport. nbc 10's katy zachry is live at the airport where some workers are demanding better way. but that's not all that they're demanding. ka katy, tell us what else they're looking for. >> reporter: yeah, vai, the protest behind me is under way. in addition to an increase in the hourly wage as you said these workers are asking for paid sick days health benefits. several baggage handlers wheelchair attendants and cleaners are in the group.
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up to 500 are expected to walk off the job today, demanding these increases. i spoke to one wheelchair attendant in this group who says she earns $5 an hour and she relies on tips to make up the rest. but the people that she assists are usually on fixed incomes, and they don't have money to tip her. here's more from the protesters. >> baggage, wheelchair cabin cleaners, line workers who are all just fed up of being intimidated and harassed instead of the company doing the right thing and gives these workers a living age. >> i make $5.75 an hour. i'm a tipped employee but i don't always receive tips. >> reporter: so for travelers today how will this affect airport operations? i just got off the phone with an airport spokesperson who says the airlines affected by this predominantly us airways and american, in addition to southwest and delta along with british airways. they have contingency plans in place. they were alerted to the protests yesterday.
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now, us airways and american those are the airlines that contract most of these workers. so i've reached out to a spokesperson for us airways and american airlines to find out what specifically they're doing, and if they fear that the 500 workers walking off the job today will affect operations and travelers. and i'm waiting on that information. if i have it i'll get it back to you at 6:30. reporting live at philly international, katy zachry nbc 10 news. new from overnight, philadelphia police say a masked man broke into a home on west oak lane. police say the man kicked in the back door of the house, pointed a gun at the woman. when the woman screamed for police, the intruder ran away without taking anything, and police are looking for that man this morning. also a man is in the hospital after he fell off a platform at a septa station in montgomery county around 11:30 last night. septa says the victim was trying to get on the train at the north wales trags when he fell in the gap between the platform and the
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train. rescuers pulled him up took him to the hospital. we're working to find out how he's doing. and we have new information on a story out of mercer county. authorities say police shot a man who refused to stop stabbing his father. last night someone called police to an apartment in hamilton township. police say they saw the man stabbing his father, and he continued to stab him even after police told him to drop the knife. police say he had also stabbed his mother when she tried to stop him. medics took all three to the hospital. no word on their conditions or what prompted the violence. it is 6:05. police are trying to solve a murder mystery and the family of a man who was killed and dumped in a river is looking for answers. 69-year-old vito maglio sr. never came home in december. investigators found his suv burned with blood and a shell casing inside. last friday crews pulled his body from the schuylkill river in east falls. police say he had been shot twice in the head. >> for the people that did this, you know what?
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i mean, god will have to, you know, take care of you when your time comes. >> the family is asking anyone with information about vito's death to call philadelphia police. the coroner says a couple found dead from chain saw injuries died as a result of murder suicide. it happened at a home in lower moreland, montgomery county. the couple's 14-year-old son found the bodies tuesday. investigators say christopher peppellman killed his wife nicole, with the chain saw before using it to kill himself. a former state lawmaker from philadelphia faces sentencing today in an alleged scheme to funnel taxpayer money to his sister. jose miranda pleaded guilty to making false statements and admitted to an ethics violation. authorities say when he was a state representative, he hired a man to be on his staff but told that man not to show up for work and to give some of his salary to miranda's sister. a grand jury charged the lawmaker and his sister with felonies. the defendant struck a plea agreement that dropped the more serious charges.
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today a judge will sentence a man accused in connection with five sexual assaults in atlantic city. in some of the cases investigators say patel posed as a police officer and carried a fake if you beforegun before assaulting the women. last year a jury convicted patel on nearly two dozen counts. he faces up to 200 years in prison. from our south jersey bureau camden county police hope you can help them find a man wanted for trying to lure a 13-year-old girl into his truck. this happened tuesday night around 9:00 near 5th & elm streets in camden. the girl was walking to a corner store when police say the man pulled up and asked her to get inside his truck. she ignored him and ran away. here's the picture of a truck similar to the one the man was driving. police describe it as a white chevy pickup with tinted windows. happening today, college students will protest an obstacle to a new branch campus on the atlantic city boardwalk. students at stockton university plan to march from the closed
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showboat casino to the trump taj ma hall this afternoon. they're protesting taj's refusal to allow stockton to turn the showboat into a satellite campus. the owners of the taj said last week that having college students next door would be bad for business. the taj is enforcing an old agreement that says the showboat will only be operated as a casino. now your nbc 10 first alert weather with meteorologist bill henley. >> eight minutes after 6:00. heading out the door grab a jacket. we've got clear skies and calm conditions, and that has given us a cold start this morning. the good news is two things will change that for us. bright sunshine and gusty winds. winds will really ramp up this afternoon. they'll be coming out of the south. that will help boost our temperatures. then moving in from the west tomorrow, we're tracking some wet weather. showers and possibly even a thunderstorm. right now, though look at the cold for reading. 29 degrees. ten degrees warmer at philadelphia international waiting for sunshine. about a half hour away from sunrise. and wilmington is at 34 degrees.
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nice and clear. cape may can you see the view from the marquis to lafayette hotel. it's going to be a nice sunny day with afternoon temperatures into the middle 50s. right along the beach. but inland we're headed for the 60s. skies are nice and clear. so we'll see plenty of sunshine. and the wind that is really starting off very light will get going later this morning. 7:00 this morning, a six-mile-an-hour breeze. still calm at that hour. in allentown. but watch what happens by 11:00 in the morning. we'll see winds at 15. all coming out of the south. that's warm air pumping up from the south. that will be even coming in a little faster at 2:00 this afternoon. winds of 21 miles an hour. gusts could go as high as 30, 35 miles an hour this afternoon. so stand by for a nice turnaround to the weather after a cold start, sunshine and gusty winds will have us in the 60s this afternoon. over the weekend, though the temperatures will be getting chillier. a few raindrops falling saturday morning. won't last all day. gusty winds and 58 saturday. then easter sunday will be
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milder after a chilly start. lots of sunshine and 60 degrees. a look at opening day for the phils when i'm back in ten. 6:10. at last check we had a couple of malfunctioning traffic lights on the boulevard. we also want to get a check of the rest of the area. >> christine maddela is watching the roads for us. christine? >> yeah live pictures from sky force 10 right now. that is a fire that crews are responding to. this is in delaware county. upper darby on millbrook road. and can you see there, this starts around 5:30 a.m. firefighters arrived on that scene. we're going to continue to follow that story throughout the morning. taking a live look outside right now, interstate 95 this is at state road. things are starting to stack up right now on the southbound side. you can see here the northbound side getting by quite nicely. but southbound that is normal for this time of morning. also taking a look at your drive times on the schuylkill expressway, we're getting a lot of green there. this will start to slow down also as we head closer to 7:00. but for now, getting green
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lights between the blue route and the vine. that's going to take you about 1 minutes. if you are traveling the bridges, all clear. tracy? >> christine, thanks. it's lights out for some in margate. thieves are targeting valuable items outside the home. we'll explain. >> reporter: i'm matt delucia live at citizens bank park. a lot of work has been happening here in the off-season. not in the way that you might think, though. coming up after the break, we'll show you what's being done to get that field ready for the big game.
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it is 6:14. we continue to follow breaking news out of delaware county. sky force 10 above a fire. firefighters working to put out this house fire on millbank road in upper darby. no reports of any injuries but you see crews on the scene. you can count on nbc 10 to bring
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you new information as soon as we get it. baseball is almost back. opening day is monday. and soon we'll welcome home the phillies. cole hamels got his final spring training start yesterday. he should be ready for monday. here's a live look at the park where preparations are under way for the start of the new season. and we're counting down to the first pitch between the phils and the red sox in four days. but before that could happen the grounds crew of course needs to get the field in playing shape. nbc 10's matt threedelucia is live at the ballpark with more on that. >> reporter: morning. it is a never-ending job. the grounds crew has been working since last season. so when those gates open on monday, that field will be the best-looking lawn in town. >> it's literally day by day, week by week. >> reporter: from watering the grass to pounding the clay the phillies ground crew looks at the ball game from a whole different perspective.
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mike buckholder is in charge. >> we have to be ready no matter what. the grass has to be green. that's what the expectation level is not only from fans but our players. >> reporter: that's more than 125,000 square feet of space to worry about. a giant lawn at the mercy of mother nature. >> your lawn's not exactly growing a whole lot right now due to these cold temps we've been experiencing. so we're a little bit lagging behind where we'd like to be in terms of the growth on our grass. but it pretty much is what it is. >> reporter: eight full-time workers look over this space to keep it clean and safe. they've been at work since the fall through rain snow and sun. and before we hear the crack of the bats -- >> that one's deep. way back there. >> reporter: -- it's the sound of drilling and hammering. workers throughout citizens bank park are prepping for the home opener awaiting the team's arrival. but it's when no one is around that the grass becomes greener. >> when the team leaves town is
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when we get the majority of our work done. they'll go on a seven-day road trip, and that's when we get our work done, when we're repairing the damage. >> reporter: a lot of work. and mike says his own lawn doesn't look this good right now. here's his advice. get out that mower, try to get that layer of dead grass off the ground at your home. at least that is a start. this field is a lot more demanding. live at citizens bank park in south philadelphia matt delucia, nbc 10 news. >> we'll just go to the park and look at theirs. 6:17. police in atlantic county are looking for thieves stealing metal. right from the yards of homes. residents have reported about a dozen thefts in recent months in margate, atlantic county. police say the thieves are pulling fixtures from the ground and ripping copper downspouts off homes, then taking the metal to scrapyards and selling it. officers want people living in the area to be on the lookout. >> tough to distinguish between who's actually doing legitimate work in town and who's there to just, you know rip off from the
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houses. >> police believe the investigation could get larger as more people return to their shore homes this spring and discover things missing. we now know the victims from a deadly plane crash in chester county. authorities have identified them as richard pock of westchester and joseph deal of drexel hill. the two men were in a single-engine plane that crashed sunday near brandywine airport. authorities say the pilot appeared to lose control of the plane just before it went down. both men were pilots. they were doing a flight review at the time of the crash. a new police force is serving the lehigh valley. officers with the slate belt regional police department are now on the streets for the first time. police officers from plainfield township pen argyl and windgap make up the new force. the regional police will work out of the former plainfield headquarters. >> local governments realize that we need to save pennies and dollars everywhere across local government, and this is another way of doing it. but it does operationally improve the police department.
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>> officials say the regional force will mean more resources and better patrols for the slate belt area. meanwhile, traffic is ramping up right now at the 6:00 hour. >> let's get you updated before you head out. nbc 10 first alert traffic reporter christine maddela has a look. >> our heaviest pocket of volume on 95 southbound. i want to get you updated on drive times. right now it stands at 19 minutes from woodhaven road to the vine street expressway. with all the volume out there, i am expecting that to increase here in the next few minutes. 76 eastbound from the blue route to the vine that's going to take you 14 minutes. still getting a green light nine minutes on 422 from 29 to the schuylkill. so let's take a live look outside right now so you can see what to expect on 95. here's that state road. there's all that traffic that is starting to back up. we are seeing that through pretty much that entire stretch there. route 1, there are still those malfunctions traffic lights. two of them one large street and one at bustleton avenue to be on the lookout for.
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now your nbc 10 first alert weather with meteorologist bill henley. >> about 20 minutes away from sunrise. we'll see lots of sunshine today. look at this nice clear view from the mellon bank building in center city. that's center center which is at 39 degrees right now. but for the rest of the area is running colder. and we're seeing some clouds move through the pocono mountains. nothing falling from those clouds. they'll be clearing out. can you see them on the satellite imagery. nothing much to them. the rest of the area is nice and clear. so we'll see sunshine today and a good warm-up today. tomorrow, even warmer. but by then this will be moving into the area. showers, the potential for some thunderstorms. the first showers could arrive by tomorrow morning. today, though you'll need sunglasses. bright sunshine. even though it's cold outside now, we'll see afternoon temperatures about ten degrees warmer than yesterday. well into the 60s with winds really picking up after a quiet morning, we'll see winds gusting to 30 miles an hour.
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tomorrow, won't be as cold in the morning. and look at tomorrow afternoon. won't be an all-day rainfall. so in between the showers, that's when we'll hit 70 degrees. it could happen a couple times tomorrow afternoon. cooled by the showers in between those times. then showers still in the area saturday morning. 58 degrees with winds gusting to more than 30 miles an hour saturday afternoon. still a bit breezy sunday. and that easter egg hunt might be a little bit chilly. 37 degrees to start with. but a nice turnaround to the temperatures sunday. and monday is looking good for the phillies' home opener. a mild 61 degrees. socially conscious lyrics and philanthropic work landed a rapper a commencement address at kean university but his earlier work with the philadelphia connection got the commencement offer pulled. and a sinkhole problem that's going to take a lot of time and money to fix. details are next.
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this is nbc 10 news. >> a new jersey university canceled its commencement speaker after complaints from state police. the hip-hop artist common was going to deliver the address at kean university in union county. common, as you know, won the academy award this year for composing a song from the movie "selma." but it's another song from 15 years ago that state police don't like, a song is about asada shakur. who was convicted of killing a state trooper back in 1973. she's currently still on the run in cuba. police say common's song paints a sympathetic portrait of a cop killer. at 6:25, i'm watching a car fire. this is on interstate 95 right at route 420. penndot is moving this camera around to get a better view. but just be on the lookout. fire crews are on the scene as well as some police vehicles. they are responding to this.
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sky force 10 is on the way to the scene as well. so we are going to watch out for that. taking a look outside right now, it is a cool morning to start the day. but hopefully it will warm up right, bill? >> oh yeah. if not, i'm in trouble. because i promise 60s for this afternoon. definitely warmer than yesterday. but right now, it is cold outside. you'll need your winter coat to start with. readings in the 20s and 30s. wrightstown. 28 right now in chester springs. allentown and quakertown at 27 along with pottstown. coatesville is 25. and it's 28 in millville. instead of representing the people of new jersey today senator menendez needs his own representation. nbc 10's monique braxton is live in camden with the latest on the federal charges he's facing. monique? >> reporter: hey, vai. we have been looking at the reviews from its constituents. you'll hear from them after the break. and the key to catching an accused subway attack was technology. next, how septa officials
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identified the teen they say punched a 60-year-old man.
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vindicated is what senator menendez predicts will happen. but for now, he's facing a long list of criminal charges including bribery and conspiracy. today for the first time, he'll face a federal judge. and a spring warm-up is on the way. but for now, there's a little chill out there in the air. so be sure to grab your jacket before you head out of the house and probably a pair of shades would work as well. good morning and welcome to nbc 10 news today. i'm vai sikahema. >> i'm tracy davidson. let's get right to bill henley with his first alert forecast. morning, bill. >> morning, tracy. this were monthing it is cold outside. clear skies overnight and very little wind. and the temperatures have really come down. look how nice and clear it is.
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we are just 14 minutes away from sunrise this morning. and you'll need your sunglasses. we'll see a lot of sunshine today similar to yesterday. but the result will be warmer temperatures. right now 39 in philadelphia. that's the warm spot. 20s for pottstown and toms river. and it's 36 degrees in roxboro while northeast philadelphia at the airport is 34 degrees. sunshine will be bright minutes away. and it will warm things up. 46 degrees at 9:00. by lunchtime, we'll be closer to 60. there's some wet weather ahead. a look at the future weather when i come back in ten. right now christine maddela has trouble she's tracking. morning, christ teenine. >> following breaking news on 95 northbound. take a look from sky force 10 right now. this is a truck fire. it looks like it's a truck that's hauling several cars maybe for a car dealership. i'm going to step out of the way so you can see what's going on here. there is that smoke on the scene. fire crews and police vehicles are blocking a portion of 95
6:32 am
northbound right at 420. it is causing a slowdown in this area in delaware county. just be on the lookout for that. i also have a view from the ground from one of our traffic cameras so you can see that smoke. watch out for limited visibility and this backup in the area there. so take your time and give yourself some extra time to account for that. also, slow 95 southbound here coming down to the vine street expressway. approaching the vine street expressway. also slowing down on the schuylkill expressway. it's now 24 minutes 95 southbound from wood haven road to the vine street expressway. 16 minutes on 76 eastbound. heading from the blue route to the vine. 422, still getting a green light if you're in montgomery county. vai? thank you, christine. we're following breaking news throughout the morning from kenya. that's where a hostage situation is playing out at a university there. masked gunmen stormed garissa university and began shooting. officials say at least 15 people are dead. and 65 are injured. police say the men are now holed
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up in a dormitory and holding an unknown number of students hostage hostages. the u.s. embassy is calling this a terrorist attack. some reports say that the militant islamist group al shabaab is responsible. they have carried out similar attacks in kenya in the past. it is 6:33. 14 counts. that's how many charges new jersey senator bob menendez is facing from a federal indictment. the charges include bribery, conspiracy and making faums statements. nbc 10's monique braxton is live in barrington. know neek, what's monique, what's going on today? >> reporter: he's due to stand before a federal judge to face some of those charges. as you mentioned, they include conspiracy bribery and making false statements. now, the senator says he is vowing vindication. he says this will not end his career. so we came here overnight to review some of the reaction from the folks that he represents here in south jersey. the ranking democrat on the
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senate foreign relations committee is accused of using the power of his seat on capitol hill to benefit this man, wealthy florida eye doctor salomon melgen a political donor and personal friend. the indictment says senator menendez accepted golf trips, vacations to the dominican republic on melgen's luxury jet, a stay at a parisian hotel. we spoke to his constituents. >> it seems to me that people have been trying to bring down senator menendez for quite some time. and there's never been anything to it. i'm inclined to believe he's certainly innocent until proven guilty. >> i mean just because you have friends, wealthy friends in high places doesn't necessarily mean that you're crooked. >> reporter: justice department prosecutors say dr. melgen's business raked in millions. menendez allegedly intervened in a medicare billing dispute on the doctor's behalf.
6:35 am
plus his girlfriends got visas. menendez says he will temporarily step aside, as top democrat on the senate foreign relations committee. if convicted, he faces decades in prison. we'll be at that first court appearance and have the outcome for you later this morning. live now in barrington new jersey monique braxton, nbc 10 news. >> monique, thank you. meanwhile, the montgomery county district attorney says the grand jury investigation in the pennsylvania attorney general kathleen kane will be reviewed with a commitment to fairness. a grand jury recommended that authorities charge kane with perjury and other offenses. she is accused of leaking secret grand jury information to the media. this week the state supreme court ruled that an investigation into the attorney general was legal. district attorney risa fuhrman says her office will now detail if a more detailed investigation needs to be done. today a teenager accused of knocking out a 60-year-old man at a subway station in
6:36 am
philadelphia is expected to turn himself into police. authorities say this surveillance video from the 15th street station on monday shows the teen punching the man. the blow broke the man's jaw, gave him concussionlike symptoms. video taken earlier shows the victim and the teen arguing on the train. police say they used facial recognition software to identify the suspect. >> really good piece of technology that can assist in expediting an investigation or at least giving us a pool of potential suspects. >> this is the second assault at a septa platform in three weeks. in the other a group of teens beat up another teen at the walnut locust station. investigators say the attacks are not related. today northampton county officials are expected to arraign a man accused of shooting and killing his stepdaughter. gregory graf is charged with the death of jessica pagitt, a mother of three from whitehall township. investigators say graf shot her in november, then hid her body
6:37 am
behind a shed on his property. this touched off a massive search for the missing mother. graf is also accused of abusing her corpse. it is 6:36. happening today, a former school administrator involved in a chester county texting scandal will face charges in court. former coatesville area school superintendent richard como faces formal arraignment in westchester. como and his former athletic director are charged with theft of school district funds and ethics violations. prosecutors say both men pocketed money from school district accounts. como's lawyer claimed a lack of evidence. authorities say racist and sexist text messages between the men led to the theft investigation. and at the jersey shore, there's a new plan to turn the pier shop at caesar's into a family-friendly entertainment complex on the atlantic city boardwalk. philadelphia developer bart blatstein paid $2.7 million for the complex. now he's renaming it the playground. the first floor will be modelled after streets known for music in nashville, memphis and austin.
6:38 am
it will be named "t" street and will include six live music venues. the makeover will include a large beachfront concert venue, bowling alley, sports bar, retail shops and a place for private event rentals. gambling will not be a part of the complex. now your nbc 10 first alert weather with meteorologist bill henley. >> 6:38. it is cold outside this morning. the temperatures have dropped down into the 20s and 30s. clear skies, calm conditions. those have combined to give us the cold. combining to warm things up. sunshine and today gusty winds. gusty southerly winds will boost our temperatures into the 60s today. i'm tracking some wet weather, some showers. and the first showers could be here tonight. right now, clear and 34 degrees for mount pocono. northeast philadelphia is at 34 as well. and atlantic city 36 degrees. look at the snow on the ground. with skies starting to brighten up.
6:39 am
now just minutes before sunshine takes over this were monthing. clear skies for our area. we'll see lots of sunshine like we did yesterday. but it's the winds that will make the difference today. and warm things up into the 60s. a light wind at 7:00 this morning. watch what happens later this morning by 11:00. 15-mile-an-hour southerly wind for much of the area. as we go into the afternoon hours, that's 2:00 in the afternoon. winds to 20 miles an hour. maybe even a bit above in philadelphia to really warm things up. so a really nice day ahead. but there are some changes. your hour-by-hour forecast shows 1:00 this afternoon, nice and clear. and clear isnto the early evening but clouds start moving in during the evening. look at the wet weather. at 6:00 this evening, maybe a sprinkle in reed ingading. showers late for reading and allentown and the possibility for rain for us for tomorrow. so the forecast is calling for plenty of sunshine during the day. and gusty winds. highs in the 60s this afternoon. a look at the holiday forecast
6:40 am
for the weekend when i'm back in ten. >> you see the huge transporters on the time all the road that carry six, seven cars. and if you head to the shop to get your car today, you expect it to be there. >> one of them is on fire and krauzing traffic problems. christine maddela has been watching it for us. >> we get the best view of what's going on right now. you see crews responding to this. this is the truck that's carrying several vehicles. this one on top is on fire. this white suv as well as this car on the bottom row here. so there's the smoke. this is interstate 95 right at 420. be on the lookout for some limited visibility with all the smoke for drivers out there. and take a look fire crews on the scene. they're blocking that ramp. we also have a view from the ground where you can see the problems that this situation is causing. take a look at all of this backup here. this is a ramp that's blocked. and there's the car fire over there with all of those fire crews responding to the scene. so this is going to cause some problems. it already is. we got a tweet from the
6:41 am
philadelphia department of office of emergency management. 420 east and west closed. the on ramp to 95 due to that vehicle fire. we're going to continue to watch that. take a look at drive times now. 95 southbound from woodhaven road to the vine street expressway, that's going to take you 26 minutes. also slow on the schuylkill expressway and 422 approaching the schuylkill. vai? >> thank you, christine. montgomery county firefighters held hostage by one of their own. >> i had to take that one chance and say, you know i didn't take a bullet to the head or just make it out and save the rest of the guys. >> this morning we hear from some of the men held captive and say why they say they still see the suspect as their brother.
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philadelphia police are hoping this video leads to the arrest of a car vandal.
6:45 am
the images appear to show a man wearing a trench coat and a mask using a butcher's knife to damage a woman's car in roxboro. the woman told us her car has been vandalized several times since last summer. they recently installed a security camera capturing this video of the guy who caused more than $4,000 in damage to her car. happening today a montgomery county firehouse reopens two days after several firefighters were taken hostage inside. nbc 10 spoke with the four firefighters from lamont volunteer fire company in elkins park. one of their former colleagues is now under psychiatric observation after holding them at gunpoint tuesday morning. the firefighters say he was upset about being fired. they identified the alleged captor as paul jordan. his former colleagues did not want their faces shown, but they did show us the damage to the firehouse and said they forgive jordan. >> then he got mad and he shot a shot inside the wall which was about six inches from one of our guys.
6:46 am
if he wanted to, he could have killed us all. we still love him and when we can have visitation the spiritual side said i will be there to see him. >> authorities say they convinced jordan to release the hostages. he then surrendered to s.w.a.t. officers. the firefighter said jordan will always be a part of the brotherhood at the firehouse. and this morning we're learning more about the cumberland county father who died tuesday after police took him into custody. sources from law enforcement are now disputing witnesses who said police attacked phillip white after he was handcuffed. two officers were called to west grape street for a disorderly person. investigators say the officers called for an ambulance because white had trouble breathing. but sources tell nbc 10 white began to struggle with one of the officers. witnesses are convinced that police used excessive force. >> the other cop let the dog out. they just kept punching him. i mean like the dog kept biting him at the same time. he was on the floor. like he was knocked out. >> prosecutors say white became unresponsive in an ambulance.
6:47 am
they say crews tried to revive him, but he was pronounced dead at the hospital. and new information about a sinkhole affecting a major road in montgomery county. penndot officials say the bridge on plymouth road will not reopen and must be replaced. penndot is examining the sinkhole activity underneath. and next to the bridge in order to design a new foundation. it's 6:47. new information about an apartment fire in trenton. sky force 10 was over the bellevue avenue apartment building yesterday. the red cross is now helping eight families forced out of their homes. no one was hurt here. and officials are trying to determine how it started. a bucks county neighborhood has won its fight to stop verizon from building a new cell phone tower. the tower would have gone up behind the william penn fire company, but the zoning board last night voted against that tower plan. the william penn fire company wanted the tower as a way to improve communications but neighbors say could have been an eyesore. t-mobile and sprint already have
6:48 am
antennas installed on a water tower located just down main street. time to head to new york for a look at what's ahead on "today." >> we get a preview from matt and savannah. good morning. >> morning, guys. >> vai and tracy, good to see you guys. coming up on a thursday more on this breaking news out of kenya. gunmen there storming a college campus. they opened fire on students and have taken hostages. we're going to be live with the latest. also ahead are you paying big money for fakes? the startling truth about some of the diamonds and gems being sold at popular vacation destination jewelry stores. so we have those stories and then in honor of jimmy fallon's popular sketch getting its own spin-off, "teen today" goes head to head in an epic lip-sync battle live on the plaza. when we get started on a thursday morning right here on "today." tracy and vai, back to you. >> yeah the key there is choosing the right song. you've got to have the right song, right? >> i can't wait to see this. >> song selection. >> there you go. >> and it really depends on your definition of epic. >> yeah. you know what else helps? practice.
6:49 am
something that we have not done. >> excellent. now i'm really looking forward to it. we'll see you at 7:00. >> all right, guys. well today is holy thursday commemorating the last supper of christ during the holy week leading to easter. nbc 10 news is in contact with the vatican as we await the pope's complete schedule during his visit to philadelphia in september. nbc 10's jim rosenfield met with the president of the world meeting of families who told us the economic impact of the event in philadelphia is already eclipsing original estimates. >> clearly the economic impact has increased significantly since we started this. >> so beyond $418 million coming into this region. >> we really wouldn't know unless we did another economic impact study. you know, i would say we're at least $500 million. >> also the world meeting of families will select five families to share stories with the pontiff and ask questions. what's the biggest concern for
6:50 am
the pope's visit? we found out it's one that would move all events indoors. the details coming up on nbc 10 news starting at 4:00 today. now your nbc 10 first alert weather with meteorologist bill henley. >> the sun is up. the temperatures, they are down. very little wind overnight. clear skies. giving us a cold start. that's a clear view looking towards the city. 39 degrees at philadelphia international. that's still the warm spot in the area. cape may, look at the sunshine starting to come up over beach avenue. bright sunshine. look for 50s this afternoon at the shore. only clouds this morning are moving through the poconos. nothing falling from those clouds. and they will be out of the picture for most of the day. but there are changes ahead to the west. clouds are moving in. and look at the rain in the midwest and the plains states. those showers could be here as early as this evening. in parts of the area. they've got a long way to go but they are on the move. and by this evening at 9:00 a
6:51 am
few showers in the harrisburg area. by later in the evening, a few sprinkles are possible in philadelphia. and tomorrow morning, at 6:00 tomorrow morning, a look at the showers moving through the area. it won't be an all-day rainfall but you'll need your umbrella. today sunglasses and make sure they're secure, too. winds will be gusting to 30 and beyond in some spots. about ten degrees warmer thanks to the sunshine and gusty winds today. not as cold tomorrow morning. and 70 in between the showers. it won't be an all-day rainfall tomorrow. but the threat of showers will continue into saturday morning. then gusty winds clear things out. 58 saturday. the cold start sunday morning. down to 37 degrees to are that easter egg hunt. then sunshine and 60 sunday afternoon. and a mild day for the phillies' home opener. up to 61 degrees. thanks bill. nine minutes before 7:00 right now. let's check the roads and breaking news on the roads. we continue to follow that fire of the car carrier. >> yeah here's christine maddela with the latest. christine? >> sky force 10 has been over the scene for the past 15 minutes or so.
6:52 am
and take a look. fire crews have made progress. this is what caught fire. it's a car carrier and several vehicles are on here. this car at the bottom of the car carrier and this suv at the top, both caught fire. and you can see right now there is still some smoke. but because the crews are still out here they are blocking traffic. route 420 in both directions. the ramp to 95 northbound is shut down. so it is causing quite a backup out here. fire crews and police crews are on the scene. i want to tell you what else is going on out there. take a look at our traffic camera. this is on lincoln highway. right at rock hill road near the exit. take a look there. fire crews and police crews out here. there's an overturned car that went off the road. and so that is also causing a slowdown. only the left lane gets by out there. so this morning rush has turned pretty busy. taking a look at an update from twitter. another vehicle fire. this is on 78 westbound between mile post 32.5 and 31.5.
6:53 am
there is a lane restriction there. and let's see where those slowdowns are. also 95 southbound and the schuylkill expressway. take a look at drive times. slowing down on 95. 76 and 422. thank you. the spotlight is on new jersey senator robert menendez. not for new legislation he's introducing but for bribery charges. we'll have details on the indictment and what's next for the senator.
6:54 am
6:55 am
6:56 am
>> reporter: i'm nbc 10's monique braxton right outside the new jersey office of senator
6:57 am
menendez. in just a few hours the top democrat will stand before a federal judge to face accusations of bribery, conspiracy and making false statements. senator menendez is accused of using the power of his seat on capitol hill to benefit wealthy florida eye doctor salomon melgen. prosecutors say dr. melgen raked in millions. the indictment also says menendez accepted lavish vacations including golf trips as well as tens of thousands of dollars in contributions. constituents we spoke with have a variety of views, most saying he's innocent until proven guilty. we will be in court for menendez's first court appearance and have the outcome for you throughout the day on as well as our news app. live now from barrington new jersey monique braxton, nbc 10 news. >> reporter: i'm katy zachry live at philadelphia international airport where behind me dozens of airport workers are protesting low wages
6:58 am
and lack of health care. the people in this group you're looking at they are airport cleaners wheelchair escorts and baggage handlers. the ones who carry the luggage from the plane to the baggage claim. now, up to 500 of them are expected to walk off the job today. they are not airport employees. they are subcontracted. so they're hoping that this protest puts pressure on their employers to increase their wages. so far i can tell you the protests out here this morning has not affected airport operations. i reached out to all of the airlines affected. us airways american british airways, southwest. so far i have not received any word back about contingency plans that they may have in place. reporting live at philadelphia international, katy zachry, nbc 10 news. at 6:58 still following breaking news. route 420 ramps to interstate 95 northbound shut down because of this vehicle fire. it's a carrier carrying several suvs. and it caught fire. so fire crews still on the scene
6:59 am
causing a slowdown on 95. also, we have another accident. this one on the lincoln highway. right near the exit. it's an overturned vehicle. something to be aware of there. also causing slowdowns. it's also slow on 95. the schuylkill expressway and 422. now your nbc first alert weather. >> cold start this morning but we've got sunshine. temperatures are going to start turning around. it's low 30s for much of the area. 31 degrees right now in trenton. wrightstown, chester springs at 30. look at the 20s for allentown, quakertown pottstown, coatesville is 25. and it's 28 in south jersey and millville. while it is 32 degrees in newark. we will see bright sunny skies today and look at the temperatures. well into the 60s this afternoon. winds will be stronger this afternoon, but that's part of why we'll be warming up today. strong southerly winds really boost the temperatures this afternoon. >> that brought a smile to all of our faces. >> the "today" show is up next.
7:00 am
local updates in 25 minutes. >> keep up to date with our nbc 10 app. thanks for watching. have a great day. chrissy teigen. breaking news masked gunmen storm a college campus in kenya. at least 15 people are dead 60 more wounded. others being held hostage right now and the terror group al shabaab is claiming the responsibility. new threats. the mid-west and southwest brace for a third straight day of violent storms. al is tracking it all. back in court, accused murder robert further goes to court. this morning, an exclusive look at the final hours before his arrest including a look inside the hotel room where he was trying to flee the country. easier said than done why doctors are telling pope frances to lay off the process, today,


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